The range of COQ'TAIL products available in five infusion syrups composed of top quality ingredients offers you a wide spectrum of natural flavors for your mixology creations.

Best Coq & moq'tails!

From bright red to bursting with rich flavors, get ready to fall in love with this sour cherry infusion with that magical touch of shine. An essential choice for your heavenly drinks, all year round. Check out the details to find out more!

The famous Gin-Tonic cocktail! Far beyond conventional tonic sodas which are mainly composed of glucose-fructoses and corn syrup, Coq'Tail's unique Tonic Syrup is prepared with superior quality bittering ingredients and spices, providing an ideal dosage of bitterness for the great classics and your creations. Check out the details to find out more!

Much more than a simple syrup! This must-have in cocktail creation will awaken the mixologist in you with its unique quality of experience. Treat yourself to the simplicity and ease of reproducing and enhancing the flavors of your classic cocktails while drawing inspiration from our exclusive recipes! Check out the details to find out more!

During festive evenings with tropical and exotic flavors, pour passion into your Coq’Tail moments with this syrup infused with Passion Fruit. This Passion Fruit infusion from Coq'Tail stands out for its natural ingredients based on water, infused hot. Check out the details to find out more!

Get ready for a unique experience with the floral and botanical flavors of hibiscus. Infusion based on hot infused water with Egyptian hibiscus flower and organic cane sugar. Check out the details to find out more!

Premium and Affordable Mixology Syrups

COQ' offers refined mixology products for the design and exploration of Cocktail and MockTail with rich flavors, superior quality ingredients while maintaining a very affordable price!

Mint leaf coqtail mixologie moxology

Carefully chosen ingredients

Our selection offers a spectrum of naturally infused aromas and flavors are made from preferred ingredients, sometimes organic, fair trade and always in perfect harmony with the greatest principles of mixology.